Winbox 3.0 rc10が公開になりました。

2015-05-30 10:13Blog




What's new in v3.0rc10:

*) remember first window size;
*) fixed crash when trying to connect to the router;
*) fixed connecting by mac addresses on Windows with multiple network
   cards (needs at least RouterOS v6.29 on the router as well);
*) added back keyboard shortcuts for tables (INS for add, DEL for remove
   and all other with Ctrl prefixes);
*) added support for Shift+Ins, Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Del shortcuts in text entry fields;
*) fixed crash when connecting to v5 routers;
*) fixed problem where group column contents were not shown;


Winbox 3 RC – Page 9 – MikroTik RouterOS

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